Christin Bolewski


Teaching experience

  • UCSC - University of Santa Cruz, California, USA
    Guest lectureship "Film and New Media Dept.", SS 2004

  • FH Lippe und Höxter, Germany
    Professorship in "Audiovisual Media",
    SS/WS 2003/04

  • College of Art and Design, Stockholm, Sweden
    Guest lectureship "Audiovisual Media", WS 2002

  • Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany
    Ass. professor and researcher "Video and Interactive Media", 1996 - 2001


  • Diploma in "Photographic Engineering" Polytechnic Cologne, 1986 - 1992
    specialized in photography, video, film, HDTV

  • Postgraduated diploma in "Audiovisual Media" Academy of Media Arts Cologne, 1993 - 1996
    specialized in video, sound, media installation, internet


  • since 1989 national and international exhibitions and festivals

  • since 1989 freelancer in the field of photography, video, broadcast, media design